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About Bastiaan:
Bastiaan has been playing piano for twelve years. He began studying the Suzuki method at the age of nine. Although he plays a wide variety of music, he favors Chopin, Mozart, and other classical composers.

From an early age, Bastiaan has had the inspiration of composing music. His first recorded composition was completed when he was just fourteen years old and his first CD when he was sixteen. Although Bastiaan composes primarily for the piano, he has written scores for the violin, oboe, and other orchestral instruments. He has performed at a variety of events, and has produced all of his own CDs.

Bastiaan graduated from College of the Ozarks where he studied music and computer science. He is also fluent in English, Dutch, and Chinese. His music is enjoyed in America, Europe, and Asia and we are sure you will understand why his music knows no cultural bounds.

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